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Are you familiar with IP address? As technology advances most of us will be familiar with IP addresses. IP address stands for internet protocol. This address is essential to access your router. There are two different network types available. They are LAN (Local area network) and WAN (Wide area network). Most common LAN IP addresses are and They are the default IP address for most routers like D-link, Linksys, and TP-link etc. You need to get your IP address to get access to your network.

It is very important to know your IP address. Nowadays network hacking is more common. We don’t find time to change the default username and password that the manufacturer offers. So, it becomes easy for hackers to access any network. If you want to protect your network from illegal activities it is best to change its settings.

How To Change Configuration Settings?

To change the settings you first need to log-in to your account. You don't know How to Login IP. Make sure that your router’s Login IP Address and type 19216811 on your address bar. After that, a window will appear which asks for your account’s username and password. Most common username and password is ‘admin’. Both are case sensitive.

Try this by entering admin on both fields and log in to your account. If it is not working, then type ‘password’ in the password field. If your router is Asus, Net gear, Linksys, D-link, Cisco, TP-link etc then this combination will work. All those manufacturers’ uses 192.168.l.l Login Admin as their IP address. After logging in to your account, you can check for admin or security tabs. You can find it on main page of your router. After clicking on it you can change the user name and password. You need to enter current and old user names and passwords. One important thing is that you need to give a login name and password which is easy to remember. By changing these settings you can protect your account from illegal activities.

What happens if you forgot the new user name and password?

It is necessary to remember the user name and password in order to login to your router account. Sometimes we forget it. So, you can easily retain your account by following below procedure. There will be a small reset button on the back of your modem. This looks like a small home beside network cable socket. Find a needle and insert it in to that small hole and press that button. Now you changed the modem to default/ factory setting. You can enter the default username and password to log into the router and change the account settings.

Having some trouble to log in? These are some common problem that may cause log in issues

  1. Wrong configuration of IP address
  2. Typo error while entering it on address bar
  3. If any issue is there with modem then router may not work
  4. Wrong proxy installed in browser
  5. If uses IP address as a link like
  6. If IP address entered incorrectly like 192.168.I.I instead of
  7. From this article you got how to access your router account and change configuration. Also, now you know how to retrieve your account if you lost password. I hope those tips will benefit you.

Without waiting check your router to know more about its model. By knowing model you will get IP address easily from internet. Some modem also includes default username and password on its backside. That makes your job easy. It is important to know everything related to your internet connection nowadays. Everybody now knows tricks to access open Wi-Fi connections. Protect your account from intruders and save your network.

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